App Features


Android & iOS

Get the App free on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, find it by searching 'Swibo Tilt'.


The Tilt App measures your balance while on the Tilt Board using sensors in your phone.

Wifi or Bluetooth Connection

The Tilt App uses Bluetooth or Wifi on Android, or Wifi on iOS to connect to your computer.

Easy to Use

Once you've connected once the App remembers your computer and can automatically connect next time.

Get the App

Download the Swibo Tilt App on your iOS or Android device.

Search 'Swibo Tilt' in your App Store and download it for free.

Get the Program

To use the App you'll need the Swibo Tilt computer program, and a Tilt Account.

Get Program Get Account

How to Use...

1. Choose Connection Type

Choose Bluetooth or Wifi to connect to your computer running the Swibo Tilt program,
on iOS you must use Wifi.

For Wifi, make sure your phone and computer are on the same network.
For Bluetooth, choose your computer from the list of devices shown.

2. Check Connection

Make sure that your phone has connected to the computer running the Tilt program by checking the top Left of the computer screen after you've logged in.

You can connect multiple phones to the same computer for Multiplayer!

3. Calibrate Phone

Calibrate the phone by placing the phone in your Tilt board, and clicking 'Calibrate' on the Tilt Program. 

Follow the instructions shown on screen, finding the board's center and edges.

You're Ready to Play!