Got a Question?

We're here to help, so if you're having trouble using the Swibo Tilt Program or App, let us know by submitting a question below and we'll be in touch to sort it out!

In the meantime, our YouTube channel has Video Guides to help you get setup.  

Known Issues

If Swibo Tilt Doesn't Display (or displays a black screen)

This issue seems to have come from a Windows Updated in November, 2017, and has to do with a conflict between the Windows graphics drivers, and the program we use to make Swibo Tilt. In particular, when the program tries to scale to fit your screen, the program breaks.

The Fix

Stop the display drivers from scaling the program in your graphics settings:

1. Right-click your desktop and click the 'Intel Graphics Settings' option. 
2. Click 'Display' in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel which has opened. 
3. Under 'Scaling', select the Center Image option and click 'Apply'.

Once you've done this, run Swibo Tilt again and it should now be displaying in the center of your screen!